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So many rules! haha Also definitely thought the MAN on the left was a woman at first.

No, we were less picky then, and took whomever was interested. Now we can talk to 5 men at the same time and we have choices. And we can talk to them whenever now because we can get away with texting during work hours.

I dunno. After reading The Rules (which was published in 1996), it makes it clear that men back then actually had to TRY in order to entice a woman. For example, none of these 10pm texts saying “come over and cuddle and watch a movie” shit (why did this ever become acceptable?!). Like they had to call your house phone and if you weren’t home, they had to leave a message on your answering machine or call back! 

I know I’m way too accessible, and that’s something I need to work on.  Also, it seems like men these days just expect or assume you are going to hook up with them after a date or two.  And did they actually suggest REAL date ideas in 1996? I’m thinking so.   Maybe I’m just an alien, but I haven’t the slightest idea how women keep men interested for three months (or however long Patti and The Rules suggest) before you spend the night with a homedude. I’m ALL kinds of down for talking to multiples guys at once, but like I said, it just seemed like things were less complicated and men had to put in more effort before all these different devices came into play and before women (myself included) made things so easy for them.  

Well since I live in Vegas, its only right to take some advice from the most desired men in the city (Jon Howes is my fav) bahaha

Using this to add to what I’m learning from The Rules

After feeling inspired by Emily and her social experiment based on the book The Rules,
I went to the library and picked up a copy myself. They even have one about online dating….I got that, too haha.

I’m going to read it and study it and try to apply it to my own interactions with men/boys/manbeasts.

I’m already screwed, “don’t leave the house without wearing makeup”….

This should prove interesting.