Internet Dating + Two 20Somethings = Disastrous



I also don’t understand why his masculine insecurity should affect my reputation.

I unexpectedly had Thursday and Friday night off from the restaurant and didn’t have to work until 5pm today so I took Friday off from my other job and drove 4 hours out to California on Thursday night to see 007 and visit a few of my friends in L.A.

It went by waaaay too fast, but I had a good time.  007 has this annoying way of making my blood boil one minute then reminding me why I love him so much the next.  We fought of course, but I did not want to leave this afternoon.  I hate saying goodbye to him. 

This post is boring haha i just wanted to make sure I had some documentation of what I did the past few days (even if it’s vague).

Brb, dead.

007 and I did not break up.  He came to town last night to attend a work function with me.  We still fought some because that’s what we do, and he had to go back to California for work today so that sucks.  But we had a nice time otherwise.  I wish he could’ve stayed longer, but I’m really proud of him and how hard he’s working.  And now I have two days off to myself.  I think I’m going to take a nap haha

Oh and I deleted my Plenty of Fish account.  I didn’t have any pictures up, I just still had the account, but no more!

This video is a bit off but this chorus has been stuck in my brain for weeks.

Your body Is a weapon, love.

Omg Kindle, you finally got it right.

I don’t want to be pathetic.

We need y’alls input on a disagreement between Liz and I.

When you’re in a relationship with someone, do you expect/want them to call or text or smoke signal to say “goodnight”? I do.

Liz says, “I don’t really think people need to be like ok I’m awake or I’m sleeping.”

what do you think?



Moon in Capricorn having a bad day.



Moon in Capricorn having a bad day.

I’m pretty sure 007 and I just broke up.

I miss my boyfriend.

I’m pretty sure Dante’s “Divine Comedy” Is not your favorite book.


Long distance relationship + boyfriend that hates texting = 11 phone calls so far today

I’m a muse!! The only catch was that i had to date someone i didn’t have strong feelings for, four years ago, and we had to have a terrible, awful, just straight up atrocious, break up and not talk to eachother for several years. Lucky me:)